Our Mission

We believe in holistic recovery - body, mind, and spirit - and emphasize the cultivation of life management skills.

As residents progress, we will equip them with a comprehensive job readiness program and the opportunity to engage in professional development, higher education, or apprenticeships.

Accountable Community

  • Housing and healthcare 
  • Healing and therapy 
  • Healthy living guidance

Setting & Achieving Personal Goals

  • Self confidence and self worth 
  • Spoken and written communication 
  • Trauma response skills 
  • Remedial programming 
  • Financial literacy 
  • Legal advocacy

Cultivating Professional Interests

  • Digital literacy
  • Skill and aptitude exploration
  • Education resources 
  • Job training and apprenticeships 

Mentorship is Our Cornerstone.

Those who have gone ahead of us are best equipped to pass on the torch of recovery and resilience. Each program participant will be matched with advisors to help navigate the journey. 

  • Recovery Mentor

    A sponsor to help work the 12 steps and offer accountability.

  • Personal Mentor

    A mentor to nurture the skills and confidence needed to step into the future.

  • Professional Mentor

    A professional coach to explore career interests and talents.

Founder & President

Kyle Matheney

A native Tennessean, Kyle deeply cherishes his roots and all of the challenges and triumphs woven into them. He finds himself at his best at a table having long meaningful conversations with friends and strangers alike.

It is the intersection of a love of meeting individuals at their most genuine and an understanding derived from a personal history of chaos and brokenness that give way to Reclamation project, where our table is always open.